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Kongsvegen Supersite: 10m tower, wind generator, and radiation rack.


Kongsvegen 6 AWS.


Map of Ny Ålesund and nearby glaciers, Kongsvegen and Holtedahlfonna  (Pramanik et al., 2019, Polar Research).

Long-term Atmospheric Measurements on Svalbard Glaciers

Norwegian Polar Institute


  • Maintenance of the Kongsvegen Supersite. The site provides year-round measurements of the surface energy budget components and of the atmospheric boundary layer. It is located at the equilibrium line (~550 m agl) on Kongsvegen glacier.                                                                             The Supersite includes a tower instrumented with T, RH, and wind at  2, 4 and 10 meters above the ice surface. The radiation rack includes upwelling and downwelling shortwave and longwave radiation sensors. 

  • Installation and maintenance of automatic weather stations (AWSs) on Holtedahlfonna and Kongsvegen for mass balance studies.                                                                                          The AWSs measure meterological parameters, T, RH, and wind as well as solar radiation and snow depth.

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