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Vortex Science & Technical Services

Vortex provides expertise in field-based geophysical data acquisition and analysis, specializing in atmospheric research.

Acquiring high-quality data in remote locations presents unique challenges.  Vortex can help make your project successful.

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Field Work
  • Design and implementation of atmospheric measurement systems including: 

    • determining the appropriate instrumentation and physical structures, and

    • determining the power, communications and data storage requirements for your project.

  • Design and implementation of snow accumulation and snow chemistry sampling studies, including identifying appropriate precipitation measuring techniques.


  • Geophysical and environmental data acquisition and instrument deployments in remote locations.

Research & Data Analysis

(Links to selected publications are provided.)

  • Long-term Atmospheric Measurements on Svalbard Glaciers 

        Norwegian Polar Institute

  • Atmospheric conditions for Mars mission rocket launches and Mars weather 


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Owner Lana Cohen, PhD. (geophysics) has spent 20 years collecting geophysical and environmental data in remote and rugged environments in the Arctic, Antarctic, and places in between. She has deployed and maintained instruments in remote locations via snowmobile, helicopter, airplane, ship, and by foot and ski. Through this work, she has gained considerable knowledge of what it takes to get high-quality data in remote settings.

She has successfully used the data she has collected to advance interdisciplinary research in the polar regions.

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